1.44in Touch Screen Anti-lost Waterproof Children Digital Smart Watch HD Camera SOS Function Kids Sport Watch For Android IOS






Color Blue ,pink
Battery 400mAh
Camera Type1 Without Camera
Type 2 With Camera
Waterproof Ordinary
Standby time 30-96H
Watch strap ABS+Silicone 
Suitable  system Android 3.0  /ISO 6.0  above
1. SOS one key help: If of emergency, press the SOS button, which issued a distress message to the guardian.
2. Location:Know the location of the baby
3.Take photo
4. Smart Eco: GPS off mode power.
5. Remote monitoring: high sensitivity microphone, voice user in an emergency situation, real-time monitoring equipment surrounding.
6.Two-way conversation: between users can talk to each other, you can set three family number real-time call.
8.The electronic fence: device-centric to designate an area on the map, the area immediately APP and SMS alarms.
9.The historical trajectory: anytime queries within three months running track.
10.Alarm clock remind.
11.Love rewards!Suitable for all kids.

1. After the customer app registered and logged in to the corresponding server, the app issued instructions suggested that the device was not connected to the Internet
The first step:
Verify that the parameters of the watch are not correct,  if you have problems with IMEI, or if the IP and port are not corresponding to the server,Please check parameter of message instruction:pw,123456,ts#
Method of disposition:
1.Manually set the watch’s IP and port,edit a message: pw,123456,ip,x.x.x.x,y# sent to watch.The watch will return a successfully sent text messages to mobile phone.
Macao server:pw,123456,ip,,8001#
Asia, Oceanias:pw,123456,ip,,8001#
South America: pw,123456,ip,,8001#
North America:pw,123456,ip,,8001#
2.Manually set the IMEI:pw,123456,imei,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx#
For example, IMEI is 359612345678902
SMS commands:pw,123456,imei,359612345678902#
The watch will reply message to the mobile phone.
The second step:
Make sure the sim card in your watch is not the carrier we support.
Solution: let the customer check the apn information of the sim card used on the Internet. Or directly ask them SIM card operators,Apn information mainly includes: apn name, username, password, MCCMNC these four parameters
Then edit SMS command set the apn, message format, pw,123456,apn,apn name,username,password,mccmnc#
Set the APN SMS commands:pw,123456,apn,i.sarenet.es,,,21403#
The watch will return to the mobile phone SMS
The following is our 5 foreign server corresponding to the IP and port:
Chinese Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao
Select Hongkong
The corresponding ip,,8001#
European and African countries:
Select Europe Afrika
The corresponding ip,,8001#
Asian countries and Oceanias:
Select Asia Oceanias
The corresponding ip,,8001#
Northern America:
Select North America
The corresponding ip,,8001#
South american nations:
Select South America
The corresponding ip,,8001#

Package included: 
1x Smart Watch
1x USB Cable 
1x Instruction manual

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